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I would like to give my Southwest Rapid Awards to someone else? How can I transfer them? Is it possible?

asked Sep 07 '10 at 17:34

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How to give your Rapid Rewards Ticketless Award to friends or family

Awards are completely transferrable, which is a program benefit that allows you to give your travel benefits to friends or family members.

You - not the person using your Award - will need to book the flight by visiting MySouthwest® at southwest.com or calling Reservations and specifying that you are making a reservation with a Standard or Freedom Award, whichever applies.

At the time of reservation, the government-imposed September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 per roundtrip must be paid by credit card. After you book the flight, give the confirmation number and itinerary you receive to the person who will be using your Award.

The person using your Award may change the destination, date, or time of travel at no charge prior to flight. If the name on the reservation changes, the itinerary will have to be canceled, and the Award will automatically be returned to your account. You will then have to rebook the trip.

From southwest website

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